Subscription for 2018/19

One person one day per week – £850

One person two days per week or two adults from the same household one day per week  – £1,430

Family subscription including children up to age 25 – £1,495

All above subscriptions paid in FULL before the 1st October 2016 may deduct £50.

Non-transferable tickets for 6 days, which includes Field Money) – £405
(however, Field Money will be required from 1st September until the Opening Meet)

18 – 25 year olds – £395

Juniors up to 18 – £65


A subscriber paying for one day per week may compound for – £215

A subscriber paying for two days per week may compound for – £300

Family subscribers may compound for – £450

Field Money

Per day  - £20

Paid up members of the Pony Club under 18 wearing their badge or tie – £10

Non Pony Club children – £15

Visitors Cap -  £ 70 / day

Subscriptions may now be paid on line. Details will be provided on the subscription form which can be requested from one of the Secretaries. Please contact Jane Sheppard on 01440 783209 or by email

NB: Subscriptions may be paid in two equal sums; the first payment to be received by the 1st September 2018 accompanied by a post-dated cheque dated 1st of January 2019. If you have any queries please the contact Jane Sheppard on 01440 783209 or by email

Autumn Hunting

From 1st September, £20 field money is expected on all occasions from everyone over 18yrs old, except those who have subscribed and compounded.

Land owners and farmers wishing to follow the hunt are requested to discuss their subscription rates with the Secretary.

From 1st August subscribers are invited to join ‘hound exercise’. There will be a charge of £10/person per morning but free to those who have walked puppies in recent seasons. To book please contact Mel Sharp on 07714 263601.

For information about Point to Point subscriptions please contact Melanie Sharp on 07714 263601 or by email:

* refers to husband and wife or long terms partners, or one adult and unmarried son or daughter living in the same household 

Non-Jumpers with the Thurlow Hunt

For the coming season, starting with the Opening Meet, the Thurlow Hunt will have a member of the hunt who will act as a guide to any member of the field who does not wish to jump.

Subscribers will take it in turn to carry out this duty and will be identified by wearing a yellow armband.

More details from:
Annie Fenwick         -  07889124087  -
Tessa Crowhurst      -  01638561771  -

Saturday Hunting with the Thurlow Hunt

Although the Thurlow Hunt meets on Mondays and Thursdays on a regular basis, meets held on Saturdays from early February to the end of the season, plus hunting during the Christmas period, mean that anyone unable to hunt on Mondays and Thursday, can make good use of the Six Ticket Scheme.

Please apply to the Secretary Jane Sheppard  Tel. 01440 783209