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Horseheath Horse Show – Sunday 8th July 2018

Please find below the results of all the classes
EllieClass 1 Best Turned Out
1st Marlin magic and March Peel
2nd Suger Lump  Felisity Didier’serre
Class 2 Lead Rein
1st Dilly Rosie Coleman
2nd Dina Ollie Fison
3 rd  Percy. Satires Doyle
4 th  Suger  Lump Felisity Didier’serre
5 th. Philip Yvonne Sanne
Class 3 First Ridden
1st Crompmell Hanley
2nd Tallares Birthday Boy  Francesca Sheperd
3rd  Muffin   Matilta Sykes
4 th Rocky  Toby Milner
5 th.  Merlin Magic.   Herttie Peel
6 th.  Suger Lump.   Harry Didier’serre
Class 4 Mountain and Moorland
1st Gatebridge Ragtime Paige Rayment
2nd  Rocky   Toby Milne
3rd. Crompmell Hanley   Charlotte Rule
4 th Merlin Magic.  Herttie Peel
5 th Percy.  Conal Kavanagh
Champion coloured 20186 th  Tallares Birthday Boy   Francesca Shepherd
Class 5  Coloured Horse/Pony
1st  Hectors Maggie   Rachel Haylock
2nd Disco Inferno  Miles Human
3rd Campion Cupcake  Paige Rayment
4 th  Disco Infurno  Miles Human
Class 6 Riding Club Horse /Pony
1st  Easter Finale  Jo Alderman
2nd Crompmell Hanley   Charlotte Rule
3rd  Cambridge Ragtime  Paige Rayment
4th  Rocky.   Toby Miilner
5 th  Harlequin Lad  Beth Hicks
6 th  Hectors Maggie  Racheal Haylock
Champion:  Crompmell Hanley  Charlotte Rule
Reserve Champion:  Hectors Maggie  Racheal Haylock
ROR Novice Class 2018
Class 8 Novice Working Hunter 2ft
1st Nannattafhog Blue Moon   Jodie Darton
2nd  Tullow   Kathryn Hillier
3rd Campion Cupcake  Paige Rayment
4 th  Zorro. Grace Human
5 th  Coco    Poppy Sykes
Class 9 Working Hunter 2ft 6 in
1st Twinkle  Amelia Short
2nd Coco  Poppy Sykes
3rd Easter Finale  Jo Alderman
4 th Proximate  Claire Kavanage
5 th Pengof Jubilee  Amelia Short
Class 10 Open Working Hunter 2ft 9 in
1st Twinkle. Amelia Short
2nd Pengof Jubilee Amelia Short
3rd  Proxmate  Claire Kavanage
4 th The Butler  Kilda Myers
Champions:  Twinkle Amelia Short
Reserve Champion: Tullow  Kathryn Hillier


Horseheath Ride

We had a total of 60 riders going round this year, up from last year’s 47. This was probably due in part to adding a 10km loop in for pony club children which then gave them qualification for the endurance pony club finals being held at Euston in August. Erin Wittich kindly ran this with help from Ginnie Faire and Zara Wise conducting the vetting checks.

We changed the 20km loop to make more it more interesting for the other riders which went onto the Bartlow Estate, by kind permission of Tim and Henrietta Breitmeyer. Everyone said what a lovely ride it was considering the hard ground and hot overhead conditions.

A huge thank you to:

Gary Honeywell who kindly marked the loops on Saturday, manned the Gaitor all day Sunday and then took the markers down. A lot of riders said how well the rides were marked.

Henry Bullen from Hannah very kindly lent the vehicle to do this with.

Anne Woods the Event Secretary for keeping it all running smoothly.

Road Marshalls Jill Petite, Zara Brooks, Seb Burnet Wells, Kerry Murphy, Matt Brooks, and Wendy Brown.

Eddie Brooks assisting Gary on Sunday.