Code of Conduct

Instructions & Guidelines for the hunting season 2020/21

In accordance with the law and by kind invitation of the farmers and landowners in our country, The Thurlow Hunt aims to simulate an alternative to proper hunting through trail hunting until such time as the present Act is either repealed or amended. We also make use of other exempt ways of hunting. For example, we employ a bird of prey.

Our hounds are used to flush a fox to the bird of prey. Terriers are also used to flush a fox to a gun for the protection of game birds. Both of these are legal activities.

The Thurlow Hunt meet twice a week on a Monday and Thursday with Saturday bye-days where possible in February and March.

The Masters request that all participants (mounted and foot/car) are fully paid-up members of the Countryside Alliance.

All participants must be insured against third party claims, as the Hunt is not responsible for accidents caused by or occurring to followers and subscribers.

Much of the land we hunt on contains areas that have been planted for Environmental Stewardship purposes. These should not be ridden on at any time. Please ensure you follow the Field Master at all times, observe instructions he or she gives and pass these instructions clearly back through the field. On leaving the ‘field’ to return home you must stay on tracks and roads and not ride on cultivated fields.

Instructions for unboxing will be issued for each meet and again details can be obtained from Mel Sharp.

All those following by car, on foot or horse are requested to take special care not to inconvenience other road users.


For the coming season, starting with the Opening Meet, the Thurlow Hunt will have a member of the hunt who will act as a guide to any member of the field who does not wish to jump.

Subscribers will take it in turn to carry out this duty and will be identified by wearing a yellow armband.

For further details please email

Special requests to car followers

Car/foot followers are welcome, and we are always pleased to see them. However, there are a few simple and basic rules that must be remembered at all times.

1. The road is public, and we have every right to use it, but so have others whose business may be a great deal more urgent than ours. Please be thoughtful towards them and do not obstruct the flow of ordinary traffic. Every motorist or lorry driver whom you delay becomes a potential critic!

2. Keep to one side of the road and stay in single file.

3. At the meet, park where you do not obstruct other traffic. Do not park on the Village Greens or resident’s private grass. Do not obstruct gateways or private driveways.

4. Only drive onto private drives, farmland or open country if you are certain that YOU have the permission of the farmer or landowner for your vehicle.

5. Keep together as much as possible.

6. When you are anywhere near hounds, please keep still and switch off  your engine.

7. Please do all you can to help by opening gates for riders, closing gates that may have been left open, reporting any damage you see to the Master.

8. Be mindful that horses may spook so don’t slam your car door or start your engine when they are near by.

Remember, the Masters and Staff go to enormous trouble to try to show the best day’s sport they can. By following these simple guidelines you can make a huge contribution to their success.

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