Thurlow Hunt subscriptions for 2021/22

Paid on or before 31st May
From 1st June onwards
Compound Cap (Optional)
Unlimited days
20 Tickets
12 Tickets
6 Tickets
18-30 Year Olds
Junior (under 18)

Autumn Hunting

Field Money - 18 years and over £30

Field Money - 17 years and under £10

Field money is expected from everyone from the start of the season unless subscription and compound cap has been paid.

For Family Subscription -Apply to the Secretary, Mel Sharp on either 07714 263601 /

Compound Cap - (Field money on hunting days) – this is an optional payment to subscribers of 12 tickets and above. If compound cap is not paid then £30 field money is expected on each hunting day taken.

Daily Rates: 

Pony Club Members (under 18) £15

Non-Pony Club Children £20

Visitors Cap £80 A maximum of three visitors caps per season, before a subscription is due.

2021/22 Point-to-Point Qualification

Please contact Mel Sharp (07714 263601 / for conditions and costs of qualifications.

Download Subscription Form

Landowners & Farmers

Landowners and Farmers wishing to hunt are requested to discuss their subscription rates with the Secretary, Mel Sharp 07714 263601 /

Hunt Staff Benefit Society

It was agreed at the 2018 AGM, that all subscribers will pay a donation of £20 to the HSBS, unless paying directly.

Booking-in System

If attending on a horse or on foot you must book in with Mel Sharp ( / 07714 263601) before 7pm the day before the meet and ensure the cap is also paid via bank transfer by this time. For ease, if you are planning to be out twice a week, please inform Mel on the Sunday evening prior to the week ahead.

Foot Followers

All Foot Followers must book in with Mel Sharp ( / 07714 263601)  before 7pm the day before the meet. Please do not come to the meet/start point as we can not and will not allow anybody on their feet to attend a meet unless they are the landowner or a parent of a minor who is mounted. You are of course welcome to follow throughout the day in your usual way (provided you maintain your distance from one another). When viewing from the roadside, please park a sensible distance apart and do not draw attention by having a gathering of vehicles wherever possible. Please also avoid gathering or parking inside village boundaries.

Social Distancing

All attendees whether mounted or on foot must observe social distancing at all times. The rule of six applies before and after Hounds move off. Police can unexpectedly turn up at any time, and if we are found not complying to the Government Rules and Regulations we will be stopped.

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